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Nathan Adrian was born in Bremerton, Washington in 1988.

Growing up, he took interest in swimming under the influence of his older brother and sister, both of whom went on to swim in collegiate settings (Arizona State and the University of Washington, respectively).

An adult with no distractions whatsoever (no reading, watching TV, talking with others) should always supervise non-swimmers around all bodies of water whether it is the bath tub, a kiddie pool, a backyard pool, or the beach.

Municipalities were once proud of their schools and recreation facilities, constantly making improvements and expanding programs.

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Amid all the well-earned acclaim for Michael Phelps’ accomplishments racking up gold medals for swimming, Jones’ historic achievement should be noted.If there are pools in these schools or recreational facilities, maintenance is abysmal with nasty, funky locker rooms; pools are frequently closed because there are no chemicals to clean the water or the pumps are broken. On the swim blog, Swim Swam, Cullen Jones’ bio reads:“At the Games in Beijing, Jones made history again; by winning a gold medal as part of the 400 free relay team he became only the second swimmer of African-American descent to do so (the first was Anthony Ervin).” Ervin, whose mother is Jewish American of European descent and father is African and Native American, was asked by a reporter after the race what it felt like to be the first swimmer of African American descent to win gold.