Updating linksys wireless firmware

21-Aug-2017 09:40

According to Linksys, all of their "Smart-Wifi" branded routers can self-update.

These devices usually have model numbers starting with EA or WRT.

For the most part, routers are not at that level of sophistication yet.

Borrowing from the Security Checklist page, below is my list of things to look for in determining if a self-updating router is doing a good job of self-updating.

Separately, Google Wifi security features says "All software updates are signed by Google.

Google Wifi cant download or run any software that isnt signed and verified" and "All communication between Google Wifi and Google is secured by Transport Layer Security (TLS)".

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A: Google pushes all firmware updates from the cloud. They said that this page, Release Notes should have the full firmware history. Only by comparing these two logs can you verify that the auto-update system is working correctly. Release notes accessed via the app state dates on which firmware was updated. A: Google pushes updates via the cloud roughly every six weeks. A: Since the user does not need to manually intervene, no.

People can't schedule updates, are not warned beforehand, not told afterwards and can't fall back to a previous version if the new version is a problem. NOTE: The information below was provided by someone who works for Linksys in February 2017.

On my Google Wifi system, it updated firmware on Oct 2, 2017 at pm, right in the middle of the afternoon. See also How to automatically update the firmware of the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers.

As of early May 2017, I was able to answer some of these questions myself. My observations are here 7 mistakes Google made updating my Google Wifi router.

In June 2017, a Google Wifi router had been powered off for a couple weeks.

Each one self-updated its firmware immediately after being put online.