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It's probably worth noting that table variables (@temp) in MS SQL are stored in RAM, as opposed to regular temp tables (#temp) are stored in the tempdb and require disk I/O.I use table variables when handling under 3000 records or so.We asked Phil for advice, thinking that it would be a simple explanation. They are used most often to provide workspace for the intermediate results when processing data within a batch or procedure.They are also used to pass a table from a table-valued function, to pass table-based data between stored procedures or, more recently in the form of Table-valued parameters, to send whole read-only tables from applications to SQL Server routines, or pass read-only temporary tables as parameters.The downside of table variables is that they are often disposed of before you can investigate their contents for debugging, or use them to try out different SQL expressions interactively.If your application is conservative and your data volumes light you’ll never want anything else. One difficulty is that table variables can only be referenced in their local scope, so you cannot process them using dynamic SQL as you might with a temporary table or table-valued parameter.They’re easy, and SQL Server does the work for you.

You can, of course, create, and then use, the table variable inside the dynamic SQL because the table variable would be in scope.Temporary tables are used by every DB developer, but they're not likely to be too adventurous with their use, or exploit all their advantages.They can improve your code's performance and maintainability, but can be the source of grief to both developer and DBA if things go wrong and a process grinds away inexorably slowly.I assume that this stuff is mostly standard, but I that is just a guess.

I know my SQL had a lot of "annoying" features in earlier versions that have been cleaned up in the latest release (or so I have been told) so hopefully this should work in the newest version.

Table variables require less locking resources as they are ‘private’ to the process that created them.