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08-Nov-2017 20:34

She serves as CEO and the spokesperson of the company.

Within 12 months after Singapore was set up, Lunch Actually was set up in Kuala Lumpur in 2006 and 2 years later, the Hong Kong branch was established in 2008 as well.

Besides Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, Violet has also appeared in many publications in other countries (e.g. She is often quoted as an expert and invited by many panels to talk about the industry.

At the recent worldwide Matchmakers conference held in New York by the Matchmaking Institute, Violet was a panellist where she shared with 80 fellow matchmakers around the world about Business Models and Expansion Strategies and Matchmaking in Foreign Markets.

I got a lot out of it - I got a new vision, learned new strategies, tactics and had a chance to get feedback at my current business plan and PR program for my future business development. I found course content to be sufficient and well presented, materials well organized and presentation pace to be comfortable.

Before, Violet and her husband, Jamie, founded the premier modern dating company, Lunch Actually, in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

As an experienced business woman, I was feeling a little cynical, but actually the course far exceeded my expectations.

I found all of the instructors to be genuine, knowledgeable and really wishing for the students to have a good foundation prior to embarking on this most personal business.

Violet maintains a personal dating blog ( where thousands, visit monthly, to read about her views on dating and relationship matters.

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Interesting Facts: Violet possesses a Degree in Law and a Masters in Human Resource, but decided to venture into the matchmaking industry upon observing her friends and colleagues having little time for love due to their busy work schedules.

People value the personal touch and sense of community a matchmaker can bring into their lives.