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15-Aug-2017 22:41

They include a handwritten 2013 deal between the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar to not interfere in the internal affairs of fellow members of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council, which also includes Bahrain, Oman and the UAE.

That agreement specifically ruled out support for the Muslim Brotherhood and other unnamed groups that could threaten the bloc's members.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is also in the Gulf on a mission aimed at ending a rift between Qatar and four Arab states.

(July 11) " /The United States and Qatar have signed an agreement aimed at shoring up the Gulf nation's counterterrorism efforts.

Being a traditional Muslim community, people will settle disputes based on Sharia court or Islamic court, applicable to Sharia Law or Muslim Law.

Kissing, hugging, and some places even holding hands. This one is tricky and has caused a lot of debate recently as public consensus becomes more lax.

You might get away with linking arms, but that’s about it. However, even though you may see the occasional pair of hot pants, expats are expected to dress modestly in all public areas, even in 40°C temperatures.

"I think Qatar has been quite clear in its positions and I think very reasonable," he said earlier in the day. be dragged into the middle of an intra-Gulf spat, Tillerson had avoided taking on a central mediating role, until it became clear that Kuwait-led efforts to resolve the crisis were stalled.

Though largely symbolic, the deal allows Tillerson to show some progress in his first major attempt at global mediation as secretary of state, and also bolsters President Donald Trump's claim to be ramping up the fight against terror financing. officials worked vigorously to lower expectations, insisting that he did not expect an immediate breakthrough and cautioning that a resolution could take months. Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah, the Kuwaiti emir who is mediating the dispute, said Tuesday he is "extremely concerned" about the crisis, and expressed "bitterness" over what he called "unprecedented developments," without elaborating. Tillerson outlined the agreement at the end of his first visit to Qatar since its neighbors moved to isolate it over grievances, including what they allege is its support for extremist groups.

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