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Character representation and the Unicode-based Reference Processing Model are described in detail.

HTML, including HTML5, XHTML, XML (e Xtensible Markup Language; for general markup), and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets; for styling information) are given particular emphasis.

It has a proven track record as an orientation for newcomers to the conference, but also appeals to people at intermediate and advanced levels, due to the breadth of concepts discussed and the way they are related to real-world script usage. The abstract that follows is for the 'Introduction to Unicode and Beyond' tutorial with the same presenters as for IUC40.

That is, Tex Texin, Mike Mc Kenna, and Craig Cummings.

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It covers the end-to-end process of font development at a high level and pays particular focus to developing Open Type layout rules to work with the Universal Shaping Engine.

However, while it vastly simplifies the internationalization of products, there is a learning curve.

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