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As the follicles grow, bulging like pimples toward the surface of the ovary, they release more estrogen into the bloodstream.

Once the estrogen level reaches a certain point, all but one of the follicles atrophy.

Scientific studies of the menstrual cycle have failed to corroborate many popular beliefs about menstruation.But there are other theories, including male envy of a woman's reproductive powers and - the Freudian view - male anxieties about castration.Some scientists have also suggested that the separation of the sexes during menstruation is efficient from an evolutionary point of view, since the days of menstrual flow are a woman's least fertile time.On the face of it, women are more likely to endanger themselves or others during the paramenstruum; in fact, the evidence says that the paramenstruum is a dangerous time only for some women, not for all.

Among new women prisoners, for example, researchers found that of those who had committed their crimes during the paramenstruum, two-thirds suffered from premenstrual syndrome.

Today, a new consensus is taking shape: Those women who suffer from severe menstrual distress are seen as suffering from a physiological disorder.

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