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Daylesford Organic: expensive but impeccably bred pure Aberdeen Angus steaks ( 08).

Broad Stripe Butchers: suppliers of Casterbridge beef - not a breed, but a method of finishing the meat ( 08).

I'm very proud to be associated with him." On cue, Atherton's mobile rings. They chat while Atherton beats oil into a pungent aioli. "The firmer the meat, the more well done it is." Rare steak feels soft, like a pillow, while medium has more resilience, like a sprung mattress. Mine is a perfect medium rare, soft but bouncy, with a smokily charred outside. It's sublime and butter-tender, with a rich flavour reminiscent of the best calves' liver.

But steaks from fine breeds such as Hereford, Angus and Devon Red are also delicious. [email protected] For tenderness and flavour, start with a steak that has been hung on the bone for at least 21 days.

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A salad to go with steak needs to be crisp and ultra-fresh.Combine all the ingredients in a small pan with 8floz/225ml water and simmer for 30-40 minutes.