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15-Jan-2018 22:13

Few minutes ago, another choreographer tweeted mysterious hands doing V sign along with his tweet, " Finally it's supper time....!!!!

With @hydrayuge Super Junior ㅋㅋ The hands are whos hand?? NETSources: Dkpopnews, @Heedictator, @Jinn8812elf, @hydrayuge, @famous_jae Link for bigger legs picture SME and their MV sets At least they realize their no concept to this....whoever said they should go by jeans and tshirts (Dor like Kyu and Wook since they refuse to get topless)....

Unfortunately, his chosen president was revealed online as several reporters had a chance to capture his ticket.

Meanwhile, Heechul’s fellow Super Junior member Kyuhyun is set to release his upcoming single “Goodbye For Now” on May 24 before his military enlistment on May 25.

Join me solving this puzzle and answering the questions i've been questioning for years. Donghae’s life is like a bomb—every hour—every minute—ever second counts, but Donghae’s heart started beating—but the beating will either kill him or make him live. But as we become older, the helps she ask become more impossible for me.

It is still to this day advocated as fan-service by some fans. I have some Korean friends who are really open minded too (and others not that much) so of course, I don't want to generalize. Jaejoong oppa is just prettier than most girls, so he couldn't help but fall in love". I've never seen a woman in her 20s say she's gonna marry her bias, so I think most of the denial stems from the crushes they have on their bias. Don't be surprised about women being low-key sexist.

The filming date and location have not been revealed.

We ask that you look at it through the broadcast,” added the network.

Super Junior members Leeteuk and Shindong pushed Heechul to share an incident about a girl he met at a nightclub, and started dating later.

He said: "We were watching 'The Lion King' at a DVD room, and she wouldn't stop touching me, so I broke up with her." "I really like animated movies, so when I was watching it, I was really invested.

We tried to arrange these under categories but randomly, so what you are reading may be from a memory when he was still very young or a few years back or in the present or for the future. Goes to the people who also worked really hard to translate Heechul’s news, cyworld entries, kiseki messages and some random stuff and those who upload videos related to the Space Big Star: Kim Heechul.

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