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I did locate the sequence (16 pages) in my online archives, so perhaps that is why it seemed familiar. It's not just how gorgeous she is, and she is GORGEOUS, with beautiful natural tits, with tiny perfect nipples, and a figure most women would kill for, but it's more than that.

However, the text looks like it's been translated into Klingon (Russian maybe? She just exudes sex in her every movement and whimper throughout the entire film. Anyhow, I don't even know what her name is, or even if she ever did any other movies, because I'd LOVE to see her in something else, but since I've never known her name, I never knew how to search for her.

But on the other hand, taping has a nice rough and ready feel, as if your captors are improvising, like in that terrific scene from The Pick-Up.

I stand by my last comment that you can electrocute a person to death with 12v car battery which puts out much more amps needed to do so.

If you are looking for more panels of the brunette's torture, you may be disappointed, as most of her punishment after the first sequence consists of being raped by the dwarves. I bought it years ago on VHS, so that should give you an idea of how old it is.

Once she (and again I'm not even sure it's her) is teamed up with the unnamed blonde, there are some more pliers and hot-iron ordeals, but I think you already have most of the rack material and well over half the non-rape tortures. I borrowed a guys VHS to DVD Recorder a few years ago, and transferred a lot of my old VHS to DVD's.

As I agree that the (unthreaded ) forum is becoming overly cluttered with fumetti art – an acquired taste to say the least – I'm linking the Muriel panels I have below rather than imbedding them. It's not like I have a preference for it, only that I appreciate it just as much as any other, and there is some fucking HOT hentai out there! Enjoy the GIFs, and if any of you Jap Rape aficionados knows who this model is, PLEASE pass along your knowledge. As a matter a fact, it seems like the only people mentioning how little interest the board has in them are the actual guys posting them. Trust me, I still got a kick out of it, and will buy more of your flicks, just some constructive criticism from a fan. Howie Ralphus wrote in the daily pic pop-up: Kathyrne's superheroines aren't very super, are they? I can think of at least two attributes that make Kathyrne's heroines more super than most GIMPs.

So to you and anyone else sharing the Fumetti love, PLEASE, by all means, keep it up. Howie wrote: If you see one of my reviews go up, you know it's because I REALLY dug the flick.

As a fan who enjoys some context with my fantasies, I am most grateful to the accomplished artists and writers who generously share their efforts here and at other sites – often expecting only a few words of acknowledgement in return. Speaking of Raping them, I'm still playing with my GIF software.

That said, I have to wonder if Nazis ever used the guillotine in their arsenal of persecution. Then again, if the beautiful victim is a resistance spy, perhaps her tormentor just has a keen sense of irony – not that the doomed heroine seems to appreciate it. one last scan from Exil Mental – at least until I manage to do a proper job of the whole story. I just love seeing hot women stripped and used like a piece of fucking meat. No, I'm not going to flood the board with a bunch of full GIFs, but I recently GIFed out what is actually my favorite Japanese Rape film of all time. It was something generic like Car Model Rape, or something along those lines.

Re: car batteries and electrocution: for any type of battery, how close the negative and positive electrodes are to each other is a key part of getting the current to work properly; if ones on your toe and the others on your finger, you're probably not going to feel more than a very mild tingle: but put them both on the nipples (or balls for the boys) and you'll get a jolt.

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Some batteries (like car batteries) need a small break in the skin to give the best results, and that's where the teeth of the clamps or clips come in useful; they can make tiny piercings in the skin that are enough to give the current the opening it needs to cause pain.In my opinion, part of what makes heroine perils / bondage / etc. I wish they would bring back BATS executions for evil convicted murderers especially the women. Surely once in a while a black victim could be captured by whites. I have to tell you, the racism found in BDSM cartoons like Kathyrne's (always a white never a black victim, and far too often, black's as the villains). However, I can also imagine that a cartoonist who creates depictions of a black woman being tortured or raped by white male villains might be accused of racism. Lipton There is a rather simple explanation for my use of a lot of black villains, although you may or may not believe me.