Deploying and updating workstation ecls

04-Dec-2017 22:28

deploying and updating workstation ecls-46

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To deploy an application by using no-touch deployment, you simply need to copy the appropriate files to the Web server.

When a user browses to the location of the application by using a URL link, Microsoft Internet Explorer downloads and runs the application.

With this approach, no installation program is necessary on the client computer — all code is downloaded as needed.

No-touch deployment depends on the ability of the .

NET Framework to interact with Internet Explorer 5.01 or later to check for . During a request, the executable file is downloaded to the download cache.

Note Configuration files are actually downloaded twice when no-touch deployment is used: the first time to check for binding information (for example, to control the exact versions of components that the application uses) and the second to look for user-specific configuration information.

You can use no-touch deployment from within an application that is already deployed to download and run code by using the Assembly. This technique can be used to download code that changes frequently, such as business rules that change frequently, or to provide on-demand installation of some other functionality.

However, it is not an appropriate deployment approach for the full installation of more complex smart client applications for the following reasons: Note The Click Once technology in version 2.0 of the .

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