Dating daan vs catholic

21-Aug-2017 22:52

How could Christ have built the Catholic Church with all its beliefs mixed with lies, folklore, supposed visions of Mary appearing and disappearing and giving instructions, and idolatry beginning with man-conceived notions of hierarchy where Mary is a negotiator and God an unreachable, unknowable X?Using the Bible as usual, let us start with Peter talking since the Catholic Church makes a mountain of lore about Peter being their first Pope.-17 -Tito -Mark 7:7-8(KJV) Tradition of the Jew -Rom.15:4 -1 Cor. (Ang Biblia = Cebuano Translation of King James Version) “Susiha ninyo gikan sa basahon ni Jehova, ug basaha: walay usa niini nga mawala, walay makulangan sa iyang kauban; ka yang akong baba, kini nagsugo na ug ang iyang Espiritu, maoy nagtigum kanila.” Isa.

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Camenchat nl

Behind these verses are biblical truths of antiquity! To give my readers advanced food for thought which we will clarify later, the Prophet mentioned in Deuteronomy , being Jesus Christ in reality, will speak the Father’s own words (“my words in his mouth”).

There are delicate matters in the preceding verses a careful student of the Bible must consider.