Dating a law student

29-Jul-2017 18:42

Just make sure to get rid of him at least two weeks before OCI’s to prevent him from telling your Director of Students (post-tequila shot) that you’re BFF.

Where to find them: Skip the obvious (library, front row, office hours for a prof whose class he isn’t taking) and stake him out at the nearest fast food joint.

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Where to take them: Take her to the Lower Ossington. Look out for the guy who was cut off by Mc Carthy’s at 4pm. ” Where to take them: Flip a coin between The Lakeview and Canton Chili’s at 2am. How to bail: This guy isn’t looking for a relationship, so why not lock down a convenient booty call?

You’ll need something to sip awkwardly when he ditches you at the bar.