Chinese dating scammers

10-Jan-2018 22:56

They are never who they have posted in the photos on their profiles, and if you have encountered one of them then that beautiful little Thai or Filipina woman in the picture you are messaging is just as likely a big Nigerian man as anything else. The fourth type of scammer is the case where the dating site itself is a complete fraud and is scamming its own members out of their money.

These scammers are equally busy pretending to be American, Australian, Canadian or European businessmen and trying to scam the women. These are the worst of all the scammers in online dating, and some of these organizations are bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in profit annually.

The balance of this post is the letter that I wrote back to the member which I am posting here to provide the same general information to members.

Of course, the old hands at online Asian and Chinese dating will already be familiar with this information, but for members who are relatively new at it, you should pay attention to this.

Some of these organizations are huge and are raking in millions of dollars per year. Many scammers on the internet are completely professional criminals and make a lot of money defrauding innocent victims.

On dating sites they have elaborate scams in play, and they are running hundreds of profiles across dozens of sites on an ongoing basis.

I am still hoping to receive that information from him.They have become professional scammers but often are doing so as a means of feeding their families, and the individuals may be entitled to some some degree of sympathy.However, the people/businesses behind them make huge profits out of this fraudulent activity and deserve nothing but complete condemnation and lengthy prison sentences.We have investigated camara4uever, and based on the letter you forwarded from her, together with her extensive on site activity, we have concluded she is, by definition, a scammer.

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We have placed here in Scammer Prison and our belief is that she has made the same or similar requests for money from countless members of both our site and many other sites.

Dear _________ We're sorry you are running into women asking for money on ALM, we do appreciate your report on camara4uever,but you really need to look at dating sites and the internet much differently than you are. Even the simplest of them is committing a what is basically a criminal offence.

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