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Unlike a couple of other boys who had the irritating habit of wearing jogging bottoms or knee-length shorts on the playing fields at school Young Mahoney always wore short shorts, and showed plenty of lovely thigh in the process! "Then I shall tell you, shall I" I told him, trying to sound genuinely angry, "you know full well I work Saturday to Wednesday nights inclusive, and yet you woke me up ... this afternoon, kicking that bloody ball against the wall outside!

There's a recreation ground a hundred yards or so down the road why can't you play there"! I should never have said that, I told myself immediately afterwards.

I would find some excuse to make him exercise shirtless on every occasion as well as slipper the sexy little fucker every lesson and put him in after-school detention so I could have him all to myself ... If Mahoney and Tomasz (the Polish boy I referred to earlier) were goods on a shelf they would need a special offer label of their own along the lines of "Spank One, Spank One Free"! Insolent as well as inarticulate I thought to myself.

over my knee for a good spanking in and out of his shorts, and may be even over the horse in the gym for a good fuck; Jesus, why ever did I go into retailing as opposed to teaching?! Not that either of them would be left on the shelves for long as some seedy old queen would pick them up; probably that pervy old scout-master who is forever chatting up Rowan, our backdoor and warehouseman (or should I say "bareback the bare arseman", given that he is one of us); pity Rowan is such a "Muscle Mary" with all the unloading of lorries, pulling/pushing roll-cages of stock and manual handling of goods he has to do, as I do like my boys to look like boys ... Two other reasons to give the boy what I've been quietly craving to give him since, unknown to him, I once looked through my bedroom window on one occasion to see him getting changed, as his bedroom is opposite mine. Believe me, dear reader, if you haven't spanked a pretty boy's arse, you have no idea how quickly one can become addicted to doing so; little wonder that Jeff Sterne returns to spank many of his endearing little charges time and time again!

He will probably play there in future and deprive me of the pleasure of mentally undressing him, particularly when it is warmer than it has been lately, when he has been known to strip down to his waist – to reveal his sexy smooth tits – and occasionally don his sexy short soccer shorts when kicking his ball around rather than the cut-offs he was wearing this evening, outside my flat.

Boy, what would I give to be that boy's Games Master at school?! I forgot" replied Mahoney, bringing me back to my senses, and reminding me why I had summoned him to see me.

"You will be sorry lad" I told Mahoney, "I think you need to be taught a lesson, don't you"?! Mahoney didn't say anything but hung his head in shame as I sat on the sofa behind me. I continued to spank the seat of his rags, alternating between each cheek, hard enough for the pain to penetrate through the light denim material and anything he was wearing underneath. The harder I spanked him, the more Mahoney begged me to stop, but I didn't let up. I gently rubbed his baby bubble-butt for a few minutes before raising my hand high above my head and bringing it down with an almighty smack against his bare arse.

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Mahoney stepped inside and took off his designer-label trainers and anxiously looked at me.

Being a public schoolboy myself, one would never use such lingo as "dunno" in place of "don't know", although I must confess I do find Mahoney's bohemian status and laddish appearance strangely alluring, even though he looks much prettier in his school footie kit (particularly his short tight soccer shorts) earlier in the week which left me with a rousing sensation in my groins!

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